Celebrating TWO


two years.

I can still remember sitting on a beach, dreaming with Shane about opening a gym. We wanted to help people find health. We wanted to help build community. We wanted to impact our city by improving the quality of life of its individuals. It seems simple, but truly it was our vision. We thought it was 10 years away, but a little over a year later on November 14th, we opened the doors to South Landing. There are not words to express our gratefulness for every step that has brought us where we are today. From Cody helping us load and unload equipment every week for our park workouts (prior to having a permanent location), to the hundreds of new faces we have met over the past 2 years. Our members have become like family. Our gym has become like our home.

to our members

Thank you believing in our staff and our vision. Thank you for committing to moving forward and for bringing smiles and great attitudes through our doors. There’s a quote that says, “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.” Well, South Landing truly is our home because every single day we walk away realizing that we are the luckiest individuals in the world to have been impacted by so many of you. Thank you for the countless laughs, the many memories, and the sweet blessings you give us daily. You will never know how much our lives have been impacted by each and every one of you, and we hope that you leave every single day having taken another step forward.

to our staff

Thank you for treating South Landing like it is your own. You care so deeply for others, and we are so grateful for each of you. We see your hard work, and we have so much respect for each of you. We would not be able to celebrate these milestones without you, and we cannot thank you and your families enough! We are so so grateful.

to Everyone

Thank you for encouraging us, for believing in our vision, and for bringing life to South Landing. From showing up at park workouts, to creating trivia and game nights that rock, you guys are amazing. Enjoy a few photos below from throughout the year, and we cannot wait for what this next year has to offer!
And on a final note, NEVER stop moving forward. When we sat on a beach 3 years ago and dreamed, we didn’t open a gym overnight. We took a lot of tiny, seemingly insignificant steps. NEVER underestimate small beginnings. Treasure those times. Treasure those moments. And ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. You never know where you might be by just continuing to take small steps towards your goals and dreams! Here’s to another amazing year of memories, goals, and family!