Reach For The Sky!


A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a good friend about progress and how different that looks for each individual. For some the process of progress may be slow and steady and for others things just seem to click and away they go on their way to reaching their goals. I fall more into the first category and most likely you do too and that’s okay. 

When I sat down to reflect on the conversation my friend and I had it hit me that I spend a considerable amount of time thinking “it would be awesome if I could just get back to the same level of fitness I was at a few years ago.” When I am going for a heavy lift or trying to get a certain score on a workout I catch myself going back to where I was and then hoping I reach that old peak again. I think a good amount of us do this. We see where we are and we visualize where we were and then we look ahead hoping it looks exactly like the past. Maybe you weighed a certain amount in college or could perform a certain movement better before having 3 kids and a full time career. Those peaks just seem so appealing now that we look back on them and so we decide that is the standard we want to chase. Below are 3 reasons why that is a poor way to view our past.

1. just because it was good doesn’t mean it was your peak

Seriously think about that for a second. What you weighed in college or what you could lift before that injury doesn’t have to be the limit. By setting that as the gold standard you make yourself your own enemy. Simple things creep into your head like “I’m just not as good as I used to be” or “I just feel like a lesser version of myself.” You never changed! Situations may have and issues may have come your way but you are still you and that is great no matter what. Stop making yourself the enemy and start encouraging yourself to grow to be more than you ever thought you could.

2. Don’t miss the gold in the dirt of your problems

Your injury wasn’t good. No one would say it was but the growth that came from it should be. It’s really hard that you gained that weight during pregnancy but your family also grew and so did your support system. It’s your turn to lean into them for help as you grow more and more every day. Let them know you need their support now. The seasons may have changed and the problems may be many but there is gold in every single sunset and there is new opportunity in every single sunrise. Look for it and you will find that growth isn’t as far as you may think. 

3. Sometimes losing what you have allows you to truly appreciate it and fully enjoy it as you work to get it back.

One of my good friends carried weight overhead during a workout last week for the first time in months and she was absolutely thrilled with it. Why? Because around a year ago she had shoulder surgery that kept her limited for quite a while. After the workout she said “you never realize how amazing it is just to carry something overhead until you can’t do it anymore and it’s just really humbling when it comes back.” I was floored by this. I take so many things for granted when I should take all things with absolute gratitude. Losing something may give you the gratitude it takes to get it back and do even better the second time around.

No matter where you are or what you may have to overcome remember to always move forward. Steady progress will take you farther than you could’ve ever dreamed possible so keep pushing and keep working every day until you reach your goal. Always. Move. Forward.