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An affordable solution to building strength and increasing your energy & confidence while being surrounded by the best people.

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Not Your Average Group Fitness Experience

At Landing Health and Performance, our Group Training sessions are designed to boost your metabolism, build strength, and unlock the full benefits of exercise: from improved mood to sustained energy and lasting health! Each 55-minute session integrates proven strength and conditioning principles to ensure you get the best results while staying injury free and keeping your joints happy.

Health Focused Strength & Conditioning

Group fitness often goes one of two ways: Watered down and ineffective -or- intimidating and complex. We use proven training principles that build you up rather than breaking you down.

Safe & Effective

Our Professional Coaching staff is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. They will guide and coach you throughout the entire training session, ensuring your success, keeping you safe and maximizing your results.

Community Driven

Exercising solo can turn going to the gym into a monotonous routine. Training should be more than just that. Our group workouts cultivate an inviting atmosphere that will leave you genuinely excited for each exercise session.

Time Efficient

No more wandering around the gym for 2 hours not knowing what to do. Stay on track with coach and peer support. Just show up, and leave the rest to us. Enjoy continuous improvement through our fitness program and be ready to celebrate your progress.

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