The Secret To Reaching Your Goals


Goals are tricky. Some seem to happen almost as soon as you say them and other ones seem to grow farther away with every step you take toward them. To make matters worse you will inevitably notice other people reaching similar goals faster than you and after a while that can become extremely disheartening. At least it can be for me. 

I want to tell you the one secret to reaching your goals that people just don’t seem to tell you when you are starting out. I want to let you in on the thing that it seemed like no one mentioned to me every time I felt like I was “failing” to reach my goals and the one thing that has made all the difference in every single decision I make when trying to reach a goal.


That’s it. There it is. I just gave you a one word key. You have the blueprint for success now but here is the issue with this blueprint. It seems too easy. Did you catch yourself saying “Wait…all I need is gratitude? That’s all?” If you did then let’s take a second to back track and define “gratitude.”

Gratitude – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Now let’s break some of this down and get to the bones of what I mean. You set a 1 year weight loss goal and are officially 7 months in. It’s been exceptionally harder than you thought. It never seems like the results are coming in the way you want and it really doesn’t help that EVERYONE at work makes fun of your meals as they eat things that you have cut out for the year. And to make things worse so-and-so from the gym barely ever focuses on clean eating and is always talking about how she is “still losing weight without even trying.” Do you feel thankful? Are you appreciating this process and returning the kindness by encouraging other people around you that may be struggling too? No of course you don’t. You’re angry and you’re overwhelmed with feelings of “failure.” It’s not fair and you know it.

Stop. Step back. Take a breath. Let’s re-frame this a little.


You’re telling me that those habits aren’t creating patience, virtue, and self respect as you realize how much you’re worth in your hard work?


Slow down and realize that you aren’t there yet because you aren’t there yet. Be where you are and be extremely thankful for the growth that is still to come.


You are becoming the gold standard. You are growing into the example. If you think you’ll be the example because of your results then you are wrong. When Suzy at the gym asks you how you lost all the weight you lost and you tell her that it was an incredibly challenging process but one that you would do all again if given the chance you are growing her more than you’ll ever know. Think back to your first month when you were let down with your results. Wouldn’t you have loved to have someone put their arm around you and just tell you that it will take time and it will be completely worth it? Be that. You have the opportunity and being grateful for it will literally change the mindsets of so many others on their journey.

Gratefulness is the lens in which we begin to forget the concepts of “failure” and “success” and instead we begin to take hold of opportunity as it is literally presented to us every single moment of every single day. How will you choose to see your journey? It’s your choice and you can change the landscape of countless things around you with a simple mindset switch.