Food Prep Essentials


Food prep gets a bad rap. It can seem overwhelming, time consuming, and impractical. BUT, in all actuality food prep SAVES time. Now, food prep might not be for everyone’s schedule, but if you are a busy bee that finds it hard to cook every day and has to grab food on the go, food prep might just be “your thing.” 

We food prep every Sunday. We spend several hours shopping on Sunday and then getting meals together for the whole week. We choose to do all of our lunches and dinners on Sunday, as it makes our week go smoother. However, alter food prep to do what works best for YOU and YOUR schedule. Maybe start with lunches only, or food prep on Sunday and Wednesday. See what you like…what works… and have fun with it!

south landing’s top 3 tools for food prep

This makes it easy to measure, make sure your quantities are correct, and if you like to keep track of nutrition facts, you’ll need one of these to help you out. We’ve had this one for about 5 years, and it’s been a champ. But any food scale should do the trick. 

Get a good set! They come in so handy for measuring recipes, and then portioning out our meals for the week. Grab these for under $10!

this is a MUST. We have a combination of glass tupperware and plastic tupperware, and we go through a ton each week. The key is making sure you have whatever works well for you. Amazon also sells these, which are GREAT for food prep and organizing your meals each week. 


 Honestly, you could start by just grilling some chicken, cooking some sweet potatoes, and roasting some veggies. But, if you’re interested in some recipes, maybe try these 3 recipes this week and see how it goes! Enjoy and have fun! 

jerk chicken bowls

Chicken & roasted Veggies

spicy chicken & sweet potatoes

Do you still feel like food prep and healthy eating is overwhelming? Are you ready for that to change? Schedule a Free Nutrition Consult! Accountability and coaching is the best way to build habits to last a lifetime.