Recipe Inspiration!


It’s easy to get bored of eating the same 5 recipes each week, so we thought we would share some websites you can look for recipes on.  

Shane is a Type 1 diabetic, so what goes into our bodies becomes even that much more important, as we work really hard to manage his blood sugar levels and be proactive in that approach. That being said, we also understand the importance of balance. I think oftentimes that we can become so obsessive about food, that we forget food is not the enemy. Food is meant to fuel our bodies…to give us energy… strength… stamina… and honestly food is meant to bring people together and in a very literal sense bring us “life”. Food is an experience and is something that allows individuals to gather together and build community.

However, Shane and I are TERRIBLE, and I truly mean TERRIBLE about cooking the same 5-7 recipes each week. For us, it makes grocery shopping easy, we don’t mind eating the same thing 1000 times, and it takes out the guesswork of what we should make. That being said, sometimes it feels good for fresh inspiration, new recipes, and changing up the routine a bit. So, whenever I’m feeling in a rut, these are some websites I go to to get inspired.


For my ladies out there: her blog is a must read. She has some phenomenal recipes (buffalo chicken casserole is a favorite at our house) and just has a good view on health and fitness. In the fall, make sure to try her paleo pumpkin cookies for a special treat.

civilized caveman

Has a wealth of knowledge and resources on his website. He offers a good mixture of healthy paleo recipes and recipes for treats if you’re hosting a party and want some paleo options. 

Nom nom paleo

I don’t use this website much, but when I have they have great recipes. Simple healthy options for lunches, dinners, etc. Make sure to check them out. They also have a recipe book on mazon if you like recipe books.

the whole food diary

Kezia, from the Whole Food Diary, is actually a sweet friend I know from California. She has a passion for food, for simplicity, and for showing others that food can be something to bring people together! Enjoy her inspiring blog and recipes! 

Hope this helps. Get inspired… try something new… and make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s not always overnight, but move towards change. Whatever it is, realize that even the smallest changes are steps towards a healthier you.