Embracing All Experiences


In hard seasons, It can be easy to hit ‘pause’. To detach. To wait for the season to end in the hopes that the next one will be different. What’s the downside? There’s a lot of amazing life that you’re missing out on. Today’s blog is brought to you by one of our incredible members, Judith. We hope it inspires you to embrace movement, no matter what season you are in.

2020: Expecting the fog to lift

“The end of 2018 and pretty much all of 2019 were a personal gauntlet. The good news? I started a new business. But I also experienced huge personal losses, and had surgery that required me to be out of the gym for a couple of months. It was a completely insane and terribly sad time. Right when I expected the fog to lift a little bit, The CoronaTimes started.

the south landing difference

When I was able to return to the gym after my surgery, I was really nervous. That’s not like me. I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to lift, how I’d feel during metcons, how quickly I’d bounce back. It turns out that I bounced back fast…because I’d been a consistent gym-goer in the months (and years) leading up to the procedure. South Landing gets major kudos there for building a place and a community that people want to be part of. But the staff also cared enough to know how I was feeling non-physically. Crissy and I had very specific conversations before I was allowed to do certain movements again (which of course is important) but the South Landing difference is that the staff cared enough about me to ask and be aware of where my head and heart were, too. I knew it, and I felt it.

Photo courtesy 2019 Let Her Speak Summit

there will always be bright spots

Reflecting on the past couple of years, I don’t take for granted any friendships I have or the community I’ve created and built. Certainly, those have been bright spots even if we aren’t able to get together exactly like we’d prefer. Despite having to adjust to the new ways people are doing business this year, my own new business venture has had a great start. We’re about to celebrate 2 years!! — and they’ve been 2 really great years. I’ve also been able to spend time working on my house, which is rewarding and fun. Finally, I’ve stayed healthy and been able to prioritize my health across many levels. South Landing has been a critical part of that.

moving forward and finding success

Numbers do serve a purpose, but it’s not what I choose to really focus on. I try to work hard, follow the programming, listen to the coaches, and usually if I’m consistent with those things, the numbers follow.

Moving forward, to me, means embracing all the experiences I’ve had (including the awful ones) and recognizing that they’re what make me Judith. They have to come along for the ride, too, because they’re…me. And it means eating more vegetables than cookies on most days, and feeling great about eating ice cream sometimes. It means keeping my eyes on the horizon, at least most of the time. It means keeping myself healthy, staying strong, and always growing.

final advice

You owe it to yourself, if no one else, to find a fitness program that works for you long-term. It might not be South Landing. But if you don’t know where to start, I think South Landing is a great first email, phone call or DM. I believe that South Landing offers a place for every person who wants one. The coaches are QUALIFIED (a huge requirement for me), knowledgeable, and want to see people get healthier across the board.  It’s a group of people who are all at completely different places with fitness, and that’s what makes it great. We’re supportive and care for each other. We cheer each other on during classes, and during the rest of Life, too.


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