3 Reasons You Should Commit to Training on a Saturday

Yes, you should train on a Saturday. Now, before the defenses start flying and you tune me out, let me preface by saying Saturday can be a metaphor for a day of the week you can make as a non-negotiable. 

If you work a rotating shift or maybe have an atypical schedule, the day can certainly flex with you. 

BUT, the intent of this article is to encourage you to have a day of the week that is consistent and an (almost) guaranteed training day.

Below are three reasons you should commit to training on Saturdays.

1. Sets the Tone for the Weekend

Often times, we stack healthy habits on top of one another. For instance, let’s say you have an intentional training session where you work hard and make progress. The last thing you want to do is go erase the progress and hard work you just put in with an unhealthy meal or action.

Thus, you are on the double net positive side of the health spectrum.

For conversation purposes, let’s say the opposite is true. You spend 60-min completing an intentional training session where you work hard and make progress. But, in this scenario your friends are going out to your favorite brunch spot that has a killer mimosa. Rather than putting yourself in the hole for the weekend, now at least you are at a break even.


2. Decreases your needed time commitment for training during the already busy week

Your time is precious. Especially when that time is stretched thin on the week days between work, family, training, commitments, etc.

If your goal is to complete three (3) intentional Training sessions each week (this is a great goal by the way!), completing one of those on the weekend is a great way to free up one extra night during the week that can be spent with your family.

“But, Saturday is my day to sleep in!”

We get it…Saturdays can be a great day to catch up on some much needed zzzz’s. And sometimes that might be needed. But, did you know that research indicates having a consistent wake time will help your body function more efficiently keeping your system energized and strong?

So, instead of sleeping on on Saturday, set that alarm, get up and train.


3. Creates a Consistent Lifestyle

Consistency is King.

The greatest program in the world means nothing if you do not do it…and do it consistently.

Training on Saturday mornings is likely a time you can commit to. How many work meetings are typically scheduled for Saturday mornings? Not many.

Get in. Get out. And go live your life.

See you Saturday!


Always. Move. Forward.