Group Programming at South Landing

2022 is winding down and with that we are starting our final 2 training cycles of the year.

We wanted to create a resource for you to see where we are going in the coming 6 weeks and this article will serve as that roadmap.

Below we will breakdown our training plan and what you need to know to make the most out of every week.

The first thing we want to emphasize is that while we believe this is a great training program, it is still fully dependent on your commitment to simply showing up and doing the work.

The first Core Value of every client and staff member of South Landing is that WE WORK HARD.

There are no shortcuts to progress and everything you want is on the other side of consistently putting in the hard work each week to achieve what you want to achieve.

The best program in the world is only as good as the effort you dedicate to it.

We hope you do exactly that in the coming 6 weeks as we truly believe that your effort will show you incredible things.

6 Week Cycle Structure:

Weeks 1-2: Focus on mechanics and technique to make sure when we get to our heavy weeks we not only perform at a high level but we also perform with high quality.

Weeks 3-4: Focus on increasing intensity and strength as we begin to really push strength upwards.

Week 5: We will back off slightly and have a lot of fun workouts in order to make sure you feel fresh coming into our final week.

Week 6: Test week! Intensity will be high and we will be focusing on showing off all of your hard work.

Weekly Breakdown

Monday: Back Squat Progression

We will progress in weight each week for 6 weeks finishing with a chance to hit a heavy 3 rep on week 6
Focus is on making sure quality positions are maintained throughout the entire cycle
High volume conditioning with a focus on fitness and muscle building

Tuesday – Upper Body Day

Focusing on building strong and healthy shoulders that not only look and perform well but feel great at the same time
We will be really pushing the intensity in our conditioning on these days looking to be closer to an RPE of 9. 

Wednesday – A NEW FORMAT! “GO 50”

50 minutes of straight work where we combine warm up, strength, and conditioning into one 50 minute workout.
These will start IMMEDIATELY when class begins so be on time.
These workouts will have a large amount of sweat and core and will really push you.

Thursday – Lower Body Day!

Focusing on making sure we are building really strong leg muscles.
These sessions will really help you push the weight on the final week of Back Squats.
We are going to be having another really high intensity conditioning workout with an RPE of 9 here so you won’t want to miss these!

Friday – Push Press Progression

We will be progressing in weight each week for 6 weeks finishing with a heavy 1 rep on week 6.
Focus is on learning how to apply power and stability simultaneously to build strong shoulders and a bulletproof core.
High volume conditioning focusing more on fat loss and muscle building.

Saturday – Partner Day!

We are going to focus on really sweaty partner workouts each Saturday to make sure we are kicking off the weekend in a really fun way.
These workouts will be a heavy dose of cardio and fitness so come ready to party.

We are so excited to see all of the hard work you put in in the coming weeks pay off in November! Remember to keep your focus on being consistent and working hard each week and this just may be your best training cycle yet.

-Coach Billy