Progress, Not Perfection


Let me give you a scenario. Imagine a life where your training is on point, nutrition game is too strong, work/life balance couldn’t be better, and, of course, you’re getting eight hours of sleep a night.

Does that sound familiar?

Now let’s re-imagine that scenario. Because, if you’re like me, it seems more like a dream than a reality. The reality is that none of us live that perfect life. Even professional athletes whose job it is to live that dream life in the scenario above have crazy schedules that mess with sleep, training, nutrition, and their families.So, why am I writing about this?


As people we have the inclination to ask ourselves: if we aren’t living 100% balanced and perfect, then why bother putting in the work at all? Sometimes the thought of being imperfect is worse than taking action. But I’m here to tell you: that is a lie. Standing to the side will never lead you to create a more positive lifestyle. 

As coaches at South Landing, we preach progress not perfection. Any positive step—no matter how small—toward a healthier lifestyle is a move in the right direction. So, as we walk through this life, what are we doing to take small steps daily? 

For me, it is making sure I have all my food prepped on Sunday for the week. Then each night I take 5 minutes to divvy out several meals for the next day. This helps me take one less stress out of my day by making sure I am fueling my body with quality food that is homemade, and helping me reach my health and fitness goals.