Stay Motivated in February


It’s February. How are you doing with your goals? Life hit. Time was tight. Goals fell down the line a little bit and that’s OK! You are still you and time is still available. Here are 31 ways to get back on track or improve your results in February. Use the next 28 days to move forward and realize how important your goals are. Pick 3-5 of these things and make them daily practices for you and never forget that simple isn’t necessarily easier.

1. Start. For Real. Your Goals Matter.

2. Stay Consistent And Don’t Make It Complex.

3. Have fun!

4. Order Sauce On The Side When You’re Eating At A Restaurant

5. Warm-up. Trust Us. It Matters.

6. Find People That Care As Much About Your Goals As You Do

7. Ask For Help

8. Increase Sleep Time By 10%

9. Eat Breakfast

10. Walk 1 Hour A Week

11. Log Your Scores

12. Set A Specific Goal

13. Cooldown For 10 Minutes Before Leaving The Gym

14. Say “Yes” To More Things You Need To Do

15. Say “No” To More Things You Don’t Need

16. Realize You Aren’t The Only One Struggling

17. Prepare 1-2 Meals For Each Day Of The Week

18. Hire A Personal Coach For A Specific Goal

19. Ask One Friend To Go To The Gym With You If You Struggle With Consistency

20. Make One Friend In Your Class If You Struggle With Wanting To Go

21. Take Compliments When Friends Give Them

22. Encourage Someone Else To Improve Their Health

23. Ask Your Waiter What Healthy Options They Have

24. Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

25. Realize That Success And Consistency Go Hand In Hand

26. Eat Real Foods

27. Take Some Workouts Slower And Be Ok With It

28. Log Your Journey Online (Blog, Social Media, Etc.) And Make It Fun.

29. No One In Your Class Is “Better Than You.” They Are All Working On The Same Things As You. Chin Up.

30. Write Down What Went Well In Your Workout EVERYDAY!

31. Write Down What You Want To Get Better At.

Need help reaching your goals? Scared of joining a gym? Schedule a free intro where you can sit down and discuss your limitations, fears, and goals with a member of our staff. From there we can get you started with a one-on-one coach who will introduce you to South Landing Fitness in a way that works to make you comfortable and confident in your journey. You don’t have to move forward alone. Make this year your year.