SLF FREE Resources

Something we talk a lot about as a staff is the idea of autonomy. We don’t just want to “coach” someone how to move, we want to TEACH about the why behind movement, the why behind nutrition, and to give resources that set individuals up for the most longterm success BOTH inside and outside of the gym.

We have worked hard to create a library of extra resources, and always have these at hand.

So, if you ever have specific questions… ask. If you ever need nutrition resources… ask. We are here to help you.

Here are few things you might be interested in:

GROCERY LIST: did you know we have a fillable PDF grocery list to help you once you’re at the store? This is a great resource for organizing your meals for the next week and tackling the grocery store.

BUILDING YOUR PLATE: this resource helps you learn to build a plate based on quality fats, proteins, and carbs. It has a lot of examples for you of foods to choose from to help take the guesswork out.

BUILD YOUR OWN WORKOUT TEMPLATE: this is a great resource if you want some guideance on how to put together your own workouts at home or on the go while traveling. We love using EMOM’s (Every Minute On The Minute), as it is a great training tool. Check out this extensive resource to learn about how you can build your own workout AND for some sample workouts you can use. 

10 AT HOME WORKOUTS: this is a great resource if you need some simple bodyweight workouts to do anytime or anywhere. 

YOUTUBE: we are always adding videos to our YouTube library to show movement demos. Make sure to check out our channel if you ever need ideas for your workouts. 

BLOG: we have some great blogs up from our trainers. These cover anything from understanding the training season you’re in, to what we think a strength training program should include. 

RECIPES: check out our recipe page on our website where we link to some of our top recipes we have enjoyed. These include breakfast, main dishes, side dishes, etc. This is a great resource if you ever need some  inspiration.

NUTRITION STARTING POINT: this is a great resource to know WHERE to start with nutrition. It’s important to start with the simple before jumping into the more complex parts of nutrition. Use this “Nutritional Hierarchy” PDF to help know your starting point.