#1 Health Principle That Can Change Your Life

Culturally we are not in an extremely active time period.

There isn’t anything wrong with this but when we realize we were designed to move often then we need to understand the value of movement and training in our current time frame.

We also do not exist in a time frame where “resistance” is sought out or highly valued.

We can have our groceries delivered.

We can have someone else move our things for us when we purchase a new house.

Most things are electronic and reduce the need to put energy or time in.

Again, all of this is great and helps us to focus more on our families, jobs, and things we are passionate about but the need for resistance in our lives becomes more valuable every year.


Consider your own week.

A week consists of 168 hours.

If you slept for 8 hours a night you would be left with 112 hours a week.

If you worked 8 hours a day you would be left with 56 hours.

If you commuted for an hour each way and worked 7 days a week you would be left with 42 hours.

You can fill this 42 hours a week with anything you want but if the above principle is true then we need to begin to fill our time with more movement.

If we added 1 hour of movement a day for all 7 days of the week we are still left with 35 total hours of time.


While we may not exist in an active time period we are certainly in the busiest time in the history of mankind.

We are busy growing business or managing the 3 different sports teams our children are on…at the same time.

Information is excessive and we rarely slow down.

In other words, we are highly stressed and highly stimulated.

Neither of the above two descriptions of our culture are synonymous with health.

We go, go, and go some more without considering the physical, emotional, and mental repercussions of our busy lives.

But here is the thing, I am not asking you to change your life.

I am asking you to improve it.

I want to see you expand your business or travel the world with your children.

I want to see you impact your industry with unmatched energy and enthusiasm.

I want you to feel like you can conquer every task in front of you despite the stress and workload.


These things will take movement, resistance, and a good amount of hard work.

When I sit down for a consultation with a client after a few months of training, the number 1 result that every single one of them says they have felt is an increase in energy, stamina, and the ability to work harder on the things they value.

“I can finally keep up with my daughter.”

“I am finally able to expand at work because I am not exhausted in the middle of the day.”

“I can get up early and get my work done so I can spend time with my wife at night.”

“I added in running on the weekends because it just feels better to move.”

Here is why all of this matters (and the one thing you need to take from this article):

Your relationship with your spouse improves when your health improves.

Your relationship with your kids improves when your health improves.

Your career improves when your health improves.

Your finances improve when your health improves.

Your own confidence improves when your health improves.

Your health improves when your movement improves.

If you do one thing today to move forward it is actual movement.

Creating change starts by MOVING.

MOVEMENT is the #1 principle that can change your life.

-Coach Billy