Own Your Life


It’s Monday and more than likely you are slightly more motivated today than you will be any other day of the week. On Mondays people are more likely to hit the gym, make lists, eat better, push harder, and generally just go for it a little more. Honestly, I love Mondays. I wake up ready to take the world on and I am going to push as hard as I can to be the best I possibly can at everything I do. 

The trick is that over the course of the week we all tend to slow down a little as motivation wanes. 

Typically this plays out in ways like our meals start to look a little less nutritious or Wednesday and Thursday (and sometimes even Friday too) turn into “off days” from the gym. This typically leads us to feel like we kind of threw the week away and so our weekends just kind of happen on auto-pilot. 

I don’t know about you but my auto-pilot mode isn’t the healthiest person flying around town. Want to know what my biggest issue with all of this is? It’s my life. No one else’s. I am the one steering the ship. I am the one making the choices.

I’m simply not owning my own life.

seasons instead of years

On a podcast recently I heard the speaker challenge people to think of the years they have left in their lives as single seasons. Instead of having 50 years left I would change the sentence to say I have 50 summers left. The shift is immense to say the least but the weight of this is extremely real to me. 

What am I going to do with this time? How am I going to own my summers? How will I work to own my trips to pick my son up from pre-school each week? How will I own the health of my marriage today? How will I own my 60 minutes in the gym this afternoon? How will I own my nutrition tonight? 

While the following list isn’t perfect I wanted to share a few ways that I think can radically change how you own your life. 

1. rest

Studies show that people are exponentially more productive on Mondays when they rest on the weekends. Having time to rest resets you and allows you to continue forward with a drive and passion that doesn’t have to be limited to Mondays.

2. serve

Every single day is a day to serve someone else in some capacity. Every single workout is a chance to improve your health and own your life in such a way that you impact those around you either by example or by the increased ability to physically serve them in more capacities. Service allows us to work “outside of ourselves” as we strive to help others. Getting outside of yourself may be one of the fastest ways to actually grow.

3. admit

Realizing the need for help and asking for it is one of the true pillars of people who succeed. It’s OK to need help and it’s OK to admit it. Giving people the chance to serve you back is paramount for growth as it encourages you forward and challenges you to serve back.

4. grow

There are always ways to improve. You may have the best squat in the gym but it can grow. You may be the best at what you do but that can grow. You may have an abundance of joy in service to others but that can grow. Own your growth every day and never assume you have grown enough. 

How will you own your life this week? Don’t let your Tuesday look different than your Monday. Own every day in every way you can and when you can’t admit the need for help. 

Go own your life and watch it change the people around you.