Strategies for Success


At South Landing, we are nutrition agnostics—we do not subscribe to one diet or nutrition path. What works for you might not work for everyone. However, there are simple principles that can help any person become more successful with their nutrition habits. 

#1: Eat slowly

It improves digestion and hydration, provides greater satisfaction with your meals (you can actually taste the food!), and accelerates weight loss. 

So, here’s how you do it: 

  • Sit down to eat in a calm environment with minimal distractions: Turn off the TV. Put your phone in the other room. Don’t eat while driving. And pay attention to your food.
  • Choose high-fiber foods that require more chewing: Try fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Put down your utensils between bites: Take a moment. Breathe. If you’re eating with someone, enjoy the conversation for a few minutes.
  • Find another slow eater who you can pace: Children who are picky eaters and talkative friends are great meal companions.
  • Set time aside to eat: At least 20-30 minutes a meal. At dinner, make it longer. Don’t eat when you get around to it, or treat eating as an inconvenience. Food is fuel for your body and meals can be quality time with friends and family. They deserve an appointment.

If you rush, that’s okay. Take a minute to refocus. This takes time, practice, and some errors to get right.

#2: Eat to 80% full

This does not mean you should feel hungry after eating. It means: “I could eat more, but I am satisfied.” This habit will help you to eat less over time as you build better hunger and fullness cues.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Stop eating short of what is normal for you: Leave a few bites on the plate. Order a smaller portion. Practice stopping earlier than you normally would during a meal.
  • Eat slowly: Read the section above.
  • Use smaller plates or different utensils: Play a trick on your brain. Try a smaller plate or bowl. Use chopsticks.
  • Set reminders: Take advantage of technology and set a reminder on your smartphone for your meal times that says: “Slow down. 80%.”

You will have times when you feel successful and others when your meals get away from you. But keep experimenting, practicing, and showing yourself grace.

#3: follow ‘the plate method’

Create “South Landing Friendly Meals” by using this plate as a guide:

As always, start simple. Choose one habit at a time. Practice that habit for a month. Once you feel like it has become your “normal,” move onto the next habit. But most importantly, keep moving forward!

If you still feel lost or want some help, schedule a Free Nutrition Intro to learn more about our program. We think it could be just the right fit for you.