Improving Your Environment


When you’re working to achieve a goal, there are factors that will influence your progress. One of those key factors influencing whether you make inroads toward your goal is the social environment you’re surrounded by every day. Here are four ways that your environment can make or break the routine you’ve set up for your success, and advice for how to make sure nothing gets in the way of your goal.

when your routine doesn’t work for you

Consistently repeating an action in a certain environment can put that action on auto-pilot. This can be positive: making healthy nutrition choices and workout times a part of your routine can have a huge benefit. However, there’s also ways routine and repetition can lead you astray. Do you find yourself making poor choices at a certain grocery store simply because you’ve created a routine there? Try shopping at a new grocery store where you are forced to create a new routine and make conscious choices about what you put in your cart. Do you find yourself struggling to convince yourself to go to the gym right after work? Try changing into your workout clothes before leaving the office every day so your mind knows what to expect and your body is ready to get those gains!

perception is everything

How you perceive your environment can impact how you perceive yourself. Do you think everyone at the gym is fitter than you? If you do, you may find yourself thinking: “I’m not fit.” That is a false statement. Instead of letting your mind lead you down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts, remind yourself that you are doing the exact same thing as everyone else in your class. If they are fit, then you must be too. Fitness is not an end result; it is a journey. Reminding yourself of this fact allows you to create a positive mindset associated with working out.

environment affects energy

If you are the only one in your environment consistently bringing the energy you can find yourself drained and exercise can become more of a chore than an opportunity. Do you find yourself getting to the gym only to realize that you haven’t really done anything for the hour you were there; either because you weren’t sure what to do or you just didn’t have the willpower to make exercise happen? Hire a personal trainer for 10 sessions. Or try jumping into a group class. This allows you to show up, but frees you from the burden of having to be the one who brings all the energy and has all the answers. This way you can simply breathe and do the work in front of you.

what do your goals look like compared to your peers?

If your environment is full of people whose goals look very different to yours, then you can struggle to achieve the goals you want to pursue. This can happen in friend groups, family, or in the workplace. You may have a goal to lose 10 pounds, but your co-workers consistently urge you to go out to eat with them. What do you do? Bring your lunch with you. Or see if your co-workers would like to come over for dinner at your place later that week so you can prepare the food. This allows you to stay focused on proper nutrition and may even encourage them to improve their eating habits. 

Here’s another scenario. Maybe you are working out alone and struggle to meet people in your gym. This is another time you may consider personal training or group classes. These allow you to connect with other men and women who are on the same path. Are you trying to lose some weight? Try Bootcamp. Want to put on some muscle? Maybe you try our Group Fitness Classes for three months and learn how to lift weights in a safe and effective environment. Still feeling anxious about exercise? Let a personal trainer handle all the details of the session and trust that they have your goals in mind.

start the path toward your goals

Staying motivated is more about eliminating the need for motivation than about constantly working up the willpower to perform. The above tips are simple ways to stay focused that can make incredible differences. Unsure of how to start moving forward? Schedule a free consultation with one of our staff to see how South Landing can help you move forward today.